Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No One Likes Grumpy

My Girls down South, reuniting is fun!
Go Buffs!!
(Special thanks to Pam in helping name this Blog Post)
Hi y'all!  I have just come back from 10 days back in the good ole 'US of A,' spending time down South, so I am feeling the y'all is just the greeting I need.  So...I have been a way for sometime, but with some prompting hoping to find my way back to A Hollywood Ending.  Not that I have not been living one, but back to writing about it.

My mom once told me that life is like a circle and during your life you might be on top, maybe on the side, or possibly on the bottom but it will always swing back around.  Now do not go and get your smallest violin out, I certainly have not, but I have just been waiting for things to swing just a tich back up and they have in a really good way.  So sorry for not posting, but no one likes grumpy.

So what's new?  Well, I have left the world of recruitment.  I tip my hats to those that recruit, especially in an agency setting.  It was a tough day-in and day-out for little old me.  And when I told my boss it was time for me to go my simple explanation was, "I just do not feel needed."  I did not feel like I was accomplishing anything or truly helping anyone, and besides that my ass began to double from sitting so much!  So, I have gone out and got myself a brand new j-o-b.

Just another lil snapshot, unrelated to the post but
everyone likes pictures!
My future mother-in-law always says, "Do what you love and money will follow."  I know I have rambled on several times about looking for my passion and I always go back to cooking and most of all EATING (and that does not help my rear end either :) and so I have found a job in food.  I saw a positions posted looking for a Sales Manager for a company that runs farmers markets out here in the Middle East, providing patrons with organic and local veggies.  I was shocked that they had a position open as I had randomly sent my CV months before on a speculative basis to get no response, but all be darned I sent it again and got a response.  I went through several interviews and Viola...A job I am so excited about a company I am so proud to be apart of.  I really could see myself in this industry, we all know how trendy "Local & Organic" is at the moment and I am banking that it lasts.

Before this brilliant job starts I get to go see Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my!!  Maybe not Bear or Tigers, but Zebras and Giraffes!  Maybe Elephants too?  We were going over some trip details last night and there are some very specific wardrobe requirements for this lil safari.  Apparently white or bright colors are not allowed, also it suggests not to wear camouflage as you might get shot at?  By hunters?  HUH, so confused?   I am thinking the boys were teasing but you can trust I will not be wearing any of that.  Actually I never thought I would say this but I am actually going shopping tonight for those pants that zip off into shorts.  Yep, I am totally going to rock that look with a wide brimmed hat and maybe some zinc on my nose (not the white color though).  Sexy!

So trip details to follow!  I am back, be excited :)  I am.