Saturday, April 13, 2013

Looking to the Future

Our Family!
Where to start... I have started a new career.  Number three since I have graduated college.  I think this one my just stick though!  I have found an industry I am passionate about, food!  Selling local and organic veggie, I get see a lot of unique places in Dubai and meet some really talented chefs.  And the biggest news we have gotten our precious new puppy, Brussels Sprout.  Such a good girl.

Brussels "Sprout"

Life in Dubai has become somewhat normal.  Well I guess normal is all relative.  We are still managing traveling, headed to the Philippines next month.  We haven't been away since my absolute bestie came out to Bali and surprised me!  I was in complete shock and so grateful for that trip.  E and our other friend D were amazing orchestrating it all and it was a pure birthday surprise.  I wonder what he will do for my 30th?!

Surprise Besties in Bali!
It has been interesting emotional transition for the first year and a half I really dreamed about our time to come home, but those feelings have been gradually slipping away.  I am not sure if it is the job, or the dog, or our great group of friends but I do not think about home as much, in the terms of going back.  Of course I always miss and think about our family and friends, but day to day life we have it really good.  Do not get me wrong there are many conveniences that I miss about the states, but when we come back I wonder what all I will miss about Dubai?

I plan to check into the space a little more often than I have in the past, its so fun to look back and see where we have come.  And it's fun to look to the future and all of the incredible places we have to go.
One of the coolest places we went this year,
safari in the Serengeti!

All dressed up celebrating Molly & David!