Monday, October 31, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Laura Nash

So I have a lot of aspirations and sad to say my hopes were dashed the other day with this "Ah-Ha" moment:

(me out shouting...completely at random to my roommate):

"D!  Do you know why I can never be a professional blogger?"

He startled by my obscenely loud volume looks up from his iPad....

"Because all these girls take pictures of themselves in these amazing outfits and then post them and that's all they have to do that day.  So what do they do with the rest of their time?  If that's all I had on my plate I would eat copious amounts of junk food, shop till I run out of money, and then I will be broke!  Which means I would no longer have the ability to purchase said outfits and not be able to fit in the clothes to take pictures in...and my blogging career would be over before it started."

He then went back to his iPad...

Therefore I salute you Kendi, Jessie, Blaire and all of you lovely ladies out there who have conquered this vicious cycle, because I am just sitting here scratching my head.

*editors note: I know these brilliant ladies all have thriving careers and their blogs are just a part of them, but I thought my little outburst was rather comical, here's to my blogging career!


  1. oohhhhhh..... I've wondered the SAME thing. Nearly every time I read them. Have you started also following The Daybook?

    Maybe Tim could just start making all the money and I could at least have a shot at being broke and chubby.

  2. I do love me some day book, she is adorable and just had her wee lil one!