Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Hollywood Ending

So with a little prompting I am back in the blogosphere.  What happened while I was away?  A lot.  Number One and really the only thing that matters is that E created the most perfect Hollywood Ending on our holiday in the Maldives.  I mean with a setting like that how can it not be romantic? So let's start from the beginning....

On our third day in the Maldives E did a great job getting me, a classically trained pool girl, into the big bad ocean.  He knew he would have to ease me into it as I am a wader, I have never fully believed in jumping straight off of the edge into the water.

We started out the morning on an incredibly rocky boat.  There were about 10 other people suiting up and eagerly awaiting their impending dive.  Once everyone suited up, shipped off, and properly submerged, I found myself on the boat reading and answering to the boat hands why I am not diving.  I have found myself in this position several times and without fail I always get grilled on why I am not diving.  Yes I realize it is very safe (until you get trapped 90 feet under water or eaten by a shark).  Yes, I realize it is not scary, but really very peaceful (maybe to you but I freak out when a ladybug lands on me).  I am not a priss, I really am not but I just really do not want to dive...Okay?  So I happily bobbed along on the boat...for an hour...until complete sea sickness set it.  The boat was going from side to side and I honestly thought we were going to flip over at one point and when you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean, there is no place to go, so you just have to grin and bare it.

After about an hour, or is it 50 bar?  The divers started to surface.  E happily hopped on the boat, saw my green face and just told me we would be home soon.  Thank goodness it was only about a 15 minute ride back to shore, I was more than ready to get back pool side.

Earlier in the week we had checked out some snorkel gear.  We attempted to go the day before but my nerves just were not up to it, the entry point was far too intense and I saw way too many fish from the surface, which I realize for most of you, that is the point but for me, that is my fear!  So we decided that we would wade out into the crystal blue water and there were little pockets of the sea that were deeper and we could safely snorkel and I could easily swim back to safety in the shallow water if I felt a meltdown coming on.

It was beautiful, I must admit.  We saw all sorts of neon fish and later in the day even came across three massive sting rays.  E did a good job protecting me and not rushing me into it.

It was always planned that we would have a quiet night in.  Maybe order some room service and watch a movie, but E had mentioned that he wanted to go across the way for Sun downers, on this island that he had gone off to explore the day before.  E is so good about planning around the sunset, and to be truthful by that point in the day I was so burnt from having my backside up in the water I just wanted to soothe my sunburn, but I said to myself, "no, E wants to watch the sunset, get it together and let's go."  He suggested that I wear something nice because the bar on the private island was a bit more upscale.  I threw on a maxi dress and away we went.

We took the boat to the island across the way and then walked across this open wooden bridge until we came to two massive double doors that read, "Residents Only."  I looked at him, back at the door and tried to turn the handle.  "Babe, it's locked, I guess we cannot go in?  We aren't residents."

"It's fine," he said as he hopped down to the beach 4 feet below.  This seemed like a lot of effort for sundowners, but whateves.  So he lifted me down to the beach and we walked hand in hand.  The whole time I am looking out for staff, and residents to spot us and tell us that we are not allowed in here.  I tell E again, "babe, we are breaking and entering...breaking the rules, I think we should leave!"  He squeezed my hand tighter as we passed the bar.  "Come on there is a coconut grove back here I want to show you."  Staff came out from the coconut groves and gave us the weirdest look, and again I thought, we are caught, they know we are imposters!  I followed E closer for protection and he began squeezing my hand harder and harder.

We are now mid grove when E randomly says, "There is a pot up here with crabs in it."

"Why would I want to see crabs?"

We approached the said pot and E immediately points out again, "yeah there are crabs in here let me show you."

Now I do not know why but I really did believe him that there were crabs in there and that he wanted to show them to me and that I for some reason wanted to see him.  For the next 90 seconds E faked like he was wrestling crabs in the bottom of this pot and I was sitting back jumping and yelling, "watch out babe, don't let them bite you!"

Then after her proclaimed that he had caught the illusive crab he turned.  Got down on one knee.  And I gulped thinking to myself.  Oh yes!  This is happening!  Pay attention Laura.  This will only happened once.

Tears welled a diamond, a gorgeous beautiful diamond, was presented and I of course said yes!!  From behind me traditional Maldivian drummers came out of the bushes rogue style, and a man approached with champagne.  We did our celebration dance (and if you have seen E dance you know that it is fingers pointed and very bouncy dance). We kissed (thankfully he didn't propose in Dubai!) and took pictures and drank our champagne by sunset.  E revealed that champagne was all set to be had on a boat but after that morning dive he called the front desk and said, "Sara, call off the boat!  She got sea sick this morning!  Call off the boat!"

After about 15 minutes a man appeared and asked if we were ready.  Ready?  For what?  We are done.  We are perfect!  But my amazing E had the night all planned.  We took a boat to our own private island were we toasted some more, feasted on an amazing dinner under a beautiful white tent, gorgeous flowers, with our own chef and waiter.  And we just loved each other and celebrated.  The boy didgood.  My phenomenal fiance...He did amazing!  

I can truly say I am the luckiest.  And I really did get A Hollywood Ending.

Jumping up and down with excitement!

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