Friday, August 5, 2011

Help Save a Heart

In the spirit of Ramadan Eric and I went on a little trip this morning down to Wafi to meet up with Kim and her husband before they went to church.  Earlier in the week on his commute in to Abu Dhabi Eric heard Kim's story:  Her mother is living in the Philippines and does not have any insurance or money to afford the necessary doctors and treatment.  She has severe heart problems and desperately in need to medical attention.  She has lost her left leg due to blood clots and they are working quickly to raise enough funds to save her right leg which is now in danger.  Kim is raising money to help her mother by selling cupcakes.

The meeting spot was arranged last night over the phone and while working out the details  Kim slipped in  that she had seen Eric's blog     and that she would even make gluten free cupcakes if he preferred it.  I thought that was so thoughtful, this is a girl who really has heart.  Meeting her today I was further impressed by her positivity that she exudes and her strength.  I cannot imagine watching any loved one be in such pain.   They have raised 8,000 AED so far for her mother's treatment.

Don't they look delicious?!  She even personalized them :)
On the way back home I was so excited that I had a dozen cupcakes on my lap and could not wait to dig in.  I had no idea what to expect when we cut the ribbon off and lifted the lid, but they were a perfect representation of Kim.  You could tell they were made with love.

If you want to help Kim she has a website you can visit to find out more information:

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