Thursday, May 19, 2011


Me getting ready for my first job interview.
I always feel you can tell better from a pic
than from a mirror how you look?
I know I am strange.
Oh the joys of job interviews.  Actually I kind of like them.  I feel like its a bit like a poker game, revealing your cards slowing trying to read the mind of the person across the table from you .  I had one very successful interview this week and one that really just isn't a fit.  But this week it wasn't only doing job interviews it was getting to the correct tower and then the correct elevator.  That's right everything around here is a tower and nothing has addresses (have I mentioned that already, weird right), luckily the architecture is so unique most people usually know the appropriate tower to direct you towards, but my taxi drivers are not most people.  Wouldn't one think that those driving all about the city all day long would know better than anyone else where to go?  I digress.  Anyways first interview went really great and I am considering working for the company I won't bore you with any details but one.  Ready?  The only reason I got the interview is because they were very familiar with Enterprise.  That's right!  So all of you out there washing those cars in suits, and dealing with those lovely Canadians take a breath and know that it is true, "Enterprise (does in fact) has an excellent training program."  There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not green!

A cool building, look closely at the one on
the left it is built like it is turning upward
not finished yet....
After I mastered this awesome interview I put my big girl pants on and decided to master the metro.  Doesn't seem like a big deal to you, but mind you I have been in this confusing city less than a week and I had to figure out 1) which direction on the metro do I need to go 2) where do I live?!  I was mostly successful, I chose the cheaper of the three tickets and that was wrong I went more than 1 zone (although I still am unsure how to decipher the exact amount of zones) and so I was "stuck" behind the gate in the metro system, the red X beeping at me, and my cheeks becoming the same hue.  So a man who worked there, was a lovely gentleman in a green military uniform, charged me whatever I owed and released me from the other side (he had a night stick on his belt as part of his uniform and he must have figured the red X was enough punishment as he spared me any public lashing).  See Grandma, they are nice over here!

Second job interview, just soooo not me.  It was for a concierge company that caters to the upper echelon, a very niche (pronounced neeesh) market of the upper crust, ages 25-35, so sorry if you are 36 nope, non entre s'il vous plait.  Within five seconds of me walking in to the interview everyone in this very open office had sized up what I was wearing, more specifically what trends and brands I was supporting.  I felt like I was on some E! reality show.  They peppered me with questions of my knowledge of luxury goods, how well traveled I was, how great I was at sucking up to super rich people, how much I love going to the most fab restaurant, and infamous clubs (if you know me, you know this is NOT me).  They also wanted to quiz me on their company, I had done some research enough but not enough to pass this test:

THEM: Do you know how many members we have?
ME: I do not know how many members you specifically have but I know the different levels of membership, there is the general...
THEM (interrupting): We look down on selling the general membership, we really do not do that here, very passe
ME: Okay, and then there is the dedicated membership level, and the elite.  So I do know that, but no I am sorry I do not know how many members you have in your club.  How many is it?
THEM: (Laughing) We cannot tell you that!  There are people that work for us that do not even know that.
ME: (Confused, ready to leave)

Yepp that is how it all went down.  At the end I asked directions to the metro, which is a five minute walk and literally 1/3 the price of a cab.  They looked at each other and struggled to point me in the right direction.  I guess the metro is passe as well.  My final question for them, which I just kept to myself, how do you afford lux goods and the most fabulous lifestyle on a salary of $38,000 a year?

Sunset from the balcony
So that's been my week!  Interesting, yeah?  (I put that one in there for you mom)  It is now the weekend!  TGITh.  I will work to take more pics, so far they have merely been taken by my phone but I promise I will get my grown up camera out.