Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our Weekend Playground

Just about two and a half hours outside of the concrete jungle of Dubai lies Sir Bani Yas Island, E’s second home.  He works on this island four days a week on different development projects.  We had a long weekend and he had to log some OT so we hopped in the car, took a 30 minute boat and Viola we are in a whole new world.  On the way down I was getting a bit snarky and after a quick stop for sustenance I was feeling much better.  E told me that I was “emotionally diabetic, when my blood sugar runs low, my emotions run high!”  Quite a clever boy that one, but goodness me I do get in a mood when I am hungry.  I might not even know that I am hungry but E will just start throwing granola bars all me when I get cranky.  

I digress…  According to E this island belongs to one of the Sheikhs and he decided to make it his personal playground.  There is mountain biking, kayaking, game drives (cheetahs, giraffes, and other wild animals included!), and archery.  When I put it like that it sounds like summer camp for adults, but heck I loved camp so sign me up, but there better be smores!!

E took us to his digs.  They call it The Hilton.  Let me tell you Paris would not be claiming this one, but it has charm.  I think it is made out of plywood.  He lives in a one room apartment with a futon, desk, and table.  There is a small bathroom as well.  And the shower is miniscule.  I mean have you ever shaved your legs in a phone booth?  E’s shower might be just slightly smaller than that and it is not an easy feat.

This weekend is shaping up to be a perfect Hollywood Ending.  We have a game drive scheduled on Monday morning to go see the lions, tigers, and bears...oh my!  Just kidding but hoping to see the cheetahs and giraffes, they are my favorite.  Planning to get some mountain biking in too, but I have not been on a bike since freshman year when I feel off in the middle of the quad and everyone laughed at me.  Suppressed memories.  Well I will let you know if is the saying "just like riding a bike" really is true.  

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  1. It would be so tough to work on a sheikh's island!