Sunday, January 22, 2012

'Round Here

I guess it is pretty obvious by now my New Years Resolution was not to write more blog posts, or if it was I get an epic fail.  I have been floundering around for sometime trying to really define what this blog is about.  To be fair Dubai and I do not always love each other, we have our ups and downs like any normal person/new city relationship, but I do not want this to turn into a "a woe is I and Dubai," montage.  So I have kept my silence but with some persistence things are getting slightly more exciting in our world.

We move into a new apartment next week.  We do not have the epic views but it is a fabulously spacious place and I get to organize it just so, I am sure the other two will not mind a bit.  E and I jet set off to the Maldives in a few weeks, which is bound to be awesome.  If you do not believe me, just google it, check out the images section...I will wait...  While E is on the island my friends and I have been working as a collective team to get out of the house and do more adventurous activities.  Two weeks ago we went rock climbing.  I was literally shaking up there ready to hyperventilate but I made it to the top.  Last week we went to a Dubai Meet-Up, a group of random people who happen to have common interests.  Naturally, we went to the wine tasting group, made some new friends and had a good night on the town.  We have also implemented Yoga Mondays, enough said.  And next up I am planning to dig very deep into my past, buy a new pair of cleats and hit the soccer field, ahem football (to be UK/Dubai/the rest of the world appropriate) and join a women's league.  It has been at least five years since I have touched a ball, but it used to be something that I love and I am coming back to my roots.  And hopefully making a few friends in the mean time.  

So we are keeping busy round these parts.  I do need to give a very special shout out to my love who turned 28 last weekend, we even squeezed in a little beer pong, to take us back to our glory days.  We had an amazing time and we were surrounded by some fab people.   Happy Birthday E!

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  1. What a great start to the new year! Wall climbing..impressive!