Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who's Counting?! I am.

So I arrived back from the snowy midwest today and I cannot tell you how fabulous 70 degrees feels at 8:00 at night.  I do not think I have quite wrapped my mind around everything in the fact that in literally three weeks I will have packed up my last five years and hauling it out to sit in my mom's attic in North Carolina.  I am going to hang with my lovely mother and then "We're Going to Miami."  Along with some truly phenomenal ladies, we are having ourselves a little Du-Bye Goodbye and Adult Spring Brake 2011!!  And it yes count them, count 'em 59 days I will be hightailing it out to the Middle East.  Dubai be ready a red head is a comin'.

So I have decided to chronicle this adventure.  There are a lot of major components going into this little concoction of fun and excitement.  Number one, I do not know if you heard me but I am moving to Dubai, the Middle East, the place that sends my grandparents shuttering.  Number two, I need to find a job in this strange land of camels, outlandish architecture, and a not so booming economy (although more booming than here in the states).  Number three, I am moving in with my most very favorite person, my boyfriend, who has been living out there for the last two years.  Needless to say I have a very full plate.  But I also never lack an appetite so win, win.

One of the most exciting opportunities that will undoubtedly present itself is some truly awesome travel.  Already on the docket: Sri Lanka (yes Eric, the beach this time and I will protect you from the monkeys), Turkey, Thailand (the islands Mom, not the scary parts), and the list will only grow longer.

As for my title, A Hollywood Ending, I will explain in future posts.  But as usual after a trip with Eric I am truly inspired to pump up my life, lower my reality tv intake, and live.  Stay tuned.

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