Saturday, March 26, 2011

Not just a river in Egypt

My mom mentioned to me today how odd it will be to wake up in just a weeks time and no longer have to report to my job.  She then gently also mentioned, unsolicited, yet appreciated, "that job has been your life, what will you do next?"  My life?  Hmmm, how true this statement is.  I do not know if it is the same for others but I have thrown myself into this rather interesting career judging my mood, my days worth, often my self worth, on a job well done.  And now poof!  It's gone, but I know that means  my life will now flourish.

I believe when Eric left for Dubai he mentioned something of having a quarter life crisis, it was all in jest, but I now somewhat relate.  Although I do not feel in crisis at all, rather just the opposite.  I feel oddly calm.  The contents of my house are literally strewn about everywhere.  My friend told me that of course my house is a mess, I am packing, but the clutter in my room does not amount to organized,  constructive packing.  Am I ignoring the transitional weeks ahead?  The exciting weeks ahead!?  I tend to be a worrier, but I am not really worried.  Maybe in denial?  Speaking of which I would like to see the Nile.  And with this move that is not such a long shot anymore, but I think I need to give Egypt some time to cool off first.

The U-Haul will be packed up and ready for cross country travel in 9 days.  I hope I will be too.

So in this next week I will start to say my good byes.  The ladies are headed to the baseball game tomorrow, and hopefully I will get a proper ERAC send off on Friday, then I will pat my dog, and hug my roommate and take off in the same direction I came in.  Only this time I am going to head a little farther East.
Three of the Four Ladies of ERAC

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  1. I found your blog and am so giddy with excitement for you. I'm so pumped for you, L, and I know this journey will undoubtedly result in a VERY Hollywood ending. :) Big things your way. I so love it.