Saturday, June 4, 2011

Grass is Greener

IKEA Dubai-Much to buy when moving in with
two bachelors....
Dubai has started to feel a bit like home, but we are lacking some major essentials in the house hold so today we went a little bit domestic.  And there is not a successful shopping trip with out a little baby meltdown, so I had my first temper tantrum.  Eric had his last time we went to the grocery store so I only figured it was appropriately my turn.  Nothing major but we hit up the grocery store, IKEA, and the plant store, I let my hunger go too long and WHAM I was officially hangry.  That is a combo of hungry and angry (because not enough sustenance and too little energy and patience).  I know that some of you out there know what I am talking about.  And I know for sure that my old assistants know what I am talking about from personal experience because whenever there was a major office mood swing they would always request that I went to lunch, immediately.  Once we took care of the hunger problem shopping was back to normal.  We even hit up the plant store, yepp we went that domestic.  It is a place I usually get bored at quite quickly, but we bought seeds to grow some veggies and anytime food is at the focus I am all in.  So now we have all these pots, dirt, and seeds and it occurrs to me that we have no idea how to garden, slight problem but I think we will do what we always do when we are it.  Works every time.

I guess the big news of the week is that I got not one but two job offers.  I was really excited about this prospect and then in typical type A fashion began to worry that I was going to have to turn one down.  It is a little like breaking up with someone, the whole uncomfortable: it's not you but it's me...I have to focus on what is best for me now...etc.  So tomorrow I get to meet with both companies and make my big decision.  I am following in many ERACers steps as well as my lovely phoenix roommate and am going into the recruiting industry.  I feel its a good fit for people like me who really do not know what they want to do so now I will help others get the job of their dreams, everybody wins!  One of the companies is run by a lady from Dallas, a little American girl power never hurts,  so if all goes according to plan I will be gainfully employed after tomorrow and going to work on Tuesday!  A few downfalls though, now that I will officially be getting a paycheck I have to start pitching in on rent, no more wednesday fun days by the pool, and no more 3:00 pm workouts, oh goodness now I am 'grass is greener'ing it.  But really I am truly thankful and happy to get up in the morning and go to work, and take home a paycheck, and add to my bank account rather than watch it dwindle with all this amazing Dubai shopping.

We have some weekend trips coming up which I am really excited about.  The crew is off to Turkey next weekend and then scuba diving and snorkeling in Oman the weekend after that.  I am truly pumped to finally get to take part in all the travel opportunities that this part of the world has to offer. The trips also coincide nicely to renew my tourist visa.  When you come to Dubai you get 30 days on a travel visa and then you are officially an illegal.  And being an illegal in the middle east does not sound like too much of a party to me, so all I have to do is the leave the country, re-enter and viola I have another 30 days.  I will get sponsorship through my job eventually, but in the meantime its awful nice to have a reason to jet set to Turkey for the weekend, not that I need one.  Cheers!

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  1. Ive become a nearly permanent fixture on the day crew now that you're gone and sometimes I've gotten hangry and the others then proceed to tell me that I'm the new Laura! Lol!