Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday not Always the Funday

My Wednesday Fun Day, as I
am unemployeed.
So I know one of the best phrases back in the states that brings joy to every 20 somethings ears is "Sunday Fun day."  This usually consists of some sort of afternoon activity outside, often BBQing, playing some sport, or just lounging by the pool.  This does not translate over here because Sunday, my friends, is very equivalent in fact identical to your Monday.  Everyone goes back to work a little grumbly and gets the week started.  A slight change, but something that has thrown me off my game a bit.  I just cannot grasp what day it is.  Although, if you must know my favorite day of the week has always been a nice little Thursday, which now in the UAE is even that much more enhanced as it carries the weight of a Friday!

Our Ferrari World Friends
We hit up Ferrari World yesterday.  On the way down we stopped at this roadside Indian restaurant.  Can I tell you a secret?  I do not think that I have ever really had Indian food.  I always heard people complain they do not like curry or the food is too spicy, but heck it was delicious.  I had chicken masala and ate with my hands for the second weekend in a row.  After our fine dinning, where I think we literally ordered about 7 different things, plenty of food for three and the total bill was less than $15, we all loaded back in the car and onwards towards land of ferraris.  They toted the fastest roller coaster in the world, but it was also quite short.  Much packed in a small punch I suppose.  I did not dare ride it although the boys strapped in and their reviews seemed fair.  We strolled around and partook in a few other attractions, hopelessly missed the acrobatic show due to the G-Force ride having a false fire alarm and called it a day.  I can say I am glad that I went but more than likely would not return.  It was a bit sparse, both in attractions and crowds.  If this was in the states it would have been packed, stroller to stroller, dads in high white sports socks directing their families to the next attraction,  but it was a pretty lackluster crowd. 

Can you tell it is a bit quite over here?  Just job searching and getting acclimated.  I hope you all enjoy your three day weekend, stretching out that fab Sunday Funday to a Memorial Weekend Monday (I know if I was in Phoenix I would probably be rocking tomorrow in an Enterprise Office and I am thankful that I am not doing that).  Stay tuned, we booked tickets for Turkey and arrive in less than two weeks!

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