Friday, July 15, 2011

Sorry about the Sari

So I think this falls under the "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," chapter.  I have known that we are going to a birthday party this weekend for about 6 weeks.  E did his due diligence on that one and let me know and I put it in my calendar, thus making it an official event.  He rsvp for us both and it sounds to be a grand soiree.  So you can imagine my surprise this morning as I try to blink the sleep from my eyes when has casually drops this minute detail, "Oh yeah I ran into N yesterday and he told me that the party has an Indian theme."

Me: "what....?"
E: "Yeah, Indian theme."
Me: "So what would have happened if you did not run into Nick yesterday?"
E: "I guess we would have shown up in normal clothes..."

This is what I came up
with, long skirt, and one of
my infamous scarves comes
to the rescue.
I groaned an rolled over.  I know this is not a huge deal but I am new here, trying to make friends, and this is a 30th birthday party filled with E's co-workers so I need to look nice.

I padded out to the living room where E was pulling up the invitation, that he rsvp to just weeks before, and there are three lovely paragraphs setting the tone for the night, describing candle lit setting, delectable indian food, and that girls should wear light and colorful clothing fitting with India influences.

Oh boys, they just do not understand the need fro the right outfit.  I am sure it will be a beautiful night and I will try to snap some pictures of what I come up with.  How has a similar situation played out in your relationship?  I would love to hear your little men are from Mars anecdotes!  But for now I am  sorry I have to run, time to scrape together a Sari.


  1. brother. D is the same. I now handle all invitations and am about to set up a shared Google calendar :)