Saturday, August 13, 2011

Just like home

It has taken me a few weeks to settle into the old routine.  You know what I mean, starting a new job, one must find the delicate balance of working out, grocery shopping, cooking, quality time with your loved one and over all when am I going to squeeze in the latest episode of the bachelor pad?  Lucky for me I have found a way to watch all my deliciously juicy reality TV and I do not have to suffer just because I live in Dubai, yes my friends I can even keep up with Teen Mom.

As I have mentioned before I am the only American in the office, the rest are from the UK.  We have constant battles on how to pronounces words like "oregano," "aluminum," and "Tunisia."  And mostly it is 8-1 but it is all in good fun.  I do miss the old days at ERAC with the inappropriate humor, the innuendoes, and the crazy customers that always brought on the laughs.  But the other day my office mate reminded me that most offices filled with 20 and 30 somethings all think alike, which ever side of the pond you come from.

In our office we only have one bathroom and it is reserved for the ladies of the group.  The men must use the public one in the tower, apparently where there is "wee" (their word not mine) all over the floor.  So I was getting ready to set out and wanted to make a quick pit stop before my meeting and out of the corner of my eye I saw my office mate moving towards the door.  So in the thought of not wanting to wait in line I simply asked, "Hey are you going to the bathroom?"  She tentatively answered, "yes....."  And the girl across from me shouted (in a precious English accent), "You just caught her trying to have a sneaky poo!"  I busted out in laughter, tears rolling down my eyes, and belly laughed until my stomach hurt.  It reminded me of the old ERAC days when we used to crack up hourly.  And in that moment I felt less homesick and more grounded.  The little things like that make this place start to feel more like home.  


  1. See I told you! It's the little things..and this one is good enough for The Office sitcom, which, by the way, originated in the UK!

  2. hahahahaha that IS funny. I literally laughed out loud when I read it and people are wanting to know what is so darn funny.;) Miss you so much! GLAD to hear you're enjoying the british humor. Ask them about "washing up liquid", lol