Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Town, New Hobby

Alright, clearly I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon since I have become gainfully employed, but I will not let that detour me.  As I have mentioned I have been working to find a balance here in my new dubai life.  A big part of my focus has been directed to and focused on healthy living.  I tend to lack major will power when it comes to the food part.  I do a stand up job about going to the gym but when I get home at night often times my thoughts go to yummy, delicious forbidden foods!  I have to say since being in Dubai I have yet to really have a good hamburger and oh my goodness how I miss Chipotle, it was the last meal I had before I got on the plane courtesy of my thoughtful mother!  And needless to say In & Out has yet to expand to the far East.  So I have resorted to something I really did back in Phoenix, I cook!

It is so nice to have someone to share a meal with every night.  E and I go through different blogs collecting recipes each week, then we drag our feet to the grocery store, something neither of us like to do, but once the shopping is complete I feel so productive.  I have made beef and black bean tacos, gasztpacho,  varieties of stir fry, and countless different versions of quinoa.  And do you know what, I actually like to cook and I am not too bad at it either.  You can check with E and J, they are my references.

So my goal is to continue gymming it up, continue grocery shopping, and whipping up healthiness and hoping that I will see the results and feel better.  Do you have any healthy recipes to share?  I would love to hear all about them.

On a side note Ramadan is coming to a close, which means it is Eid, which means we get two days off (E gets the whole week, but who is comparing?!), which means we are going on a trip.  We are headed to Sri Lanka to enjoy the beach and hopefully see some elephants.  Sand and Elephants, perfect combination.  

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  1. I am impressed! And slightly jelly :)
    You have an amazing, fit, healthy, envious, cultural life! And I want a piece of it! LOVE YOU MISS YOU AND I WANT TO EAT CRAPPY FOOD WITH YOU. Just sayin...