Sunday, October 16, 2011

Drinking in Caves

Through the Vineyards we go!

 Switzerland Part II…Montreux is an amazing, beautiful place.  I cannot really even do it justice with many words.  All I will say is that there are vineyards all along the coast, (is it still a coast if it is a lake, i.e. Lake Geneva?), and we hiked from small village to village literally trolling through vineyards visiting Caveuxs a long the way.  What is a Caveux you ask?  They are these amazing little jems.  And inside these little dungeons  they store and serve all of the local wines that the vineyards surrounding them produce.  What an excellent idea, smart little Swiss!  We enjoyed our fair share of reds…and whites…and everything in between.  And there was a castle.  A fairytale princess castle.  Just look at the pictures and promise you will go someday?
Just pretty

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