Sunday, October 23, 2011

My First Haircut

Dubai is a land of delivery.  Any food under the sun will be brought to your door in 45 minutes or less.  Maids can be hired and will show up knocking on your door step to deliver you a clean house.  You need a cup of sugar, we do not knock on the our neighbor's door, no we call the local grocery store to run us up sack of sugar.  Last week I had my most favorite delivery yet...a haircut.  I have been putting it off for a good six months, scared to try anyone new.  The stigma over here is that where ever you show up they will give you the same cookie cutter haircut the last five girls had.  I was passed a number with good recommendations made the call or text rather (Everything over here is also often done by text) and the response was would you like to come to the salon or me come to your house?  I was a bit puzzled, do I want her to come to my house?  That seems a bit of a project, the house is not visitor ready as the maid is not scheduled till the next weekend (gosh could I be anymore spoiled) but I thought why not come on over.

The next day at 7:00 pm on the dot there she was, my pink haired, UK sprite of a hair dresser knocking on my door to trim my tresses.  It was a no frills process as I washed my own hair, she snipped away and viola, 45 minutes later I had a much shorter, new do!  It is a great deal for these girls or guys, because think how low their overheads are and she just got to walk away from the hairy mess.  I hoovered up a good 4-5 inches of my red locks and admired the ease of and the convenience my new haircut and thought how great is life in Dubai!


  1. Wow 6 months! I bet it looks awesome and feels so light!

  2. Dont feel like you look like a hippie anymore?