Friday, May 20, 2011

Amazing Race is Afoot!

The Atlantis Hotel is in the center, the arch with the lights
on it.  Tres Jolie (I do not know how to get my letters to
have the appropriate french accents I appologize, oh well)!
Happy weekend to one and all!  Quick little post to get some pictures up.  We went to Happy Hour last night at a place called, "The Observatory."  It was on the 52nd floor of the Marriott and it overlooked The Palm.  I think that is probably one of the  most well known features of Dubai, the man made islands that from an ariel view one can see is in the shape of a palm, pretty self explanatory there!  It is really something to see, The Atlantis in the background.

Dan is the Amazing Racer on the left, me in the center, and
Joe.  They had just flown in from Turkey and are here
for the weekend.
I had some friends in town, well really friends of friends.  I had only met Joe once, but he said he was coming to Dubai and so I told him to look E and I up!  There is that travelers code you know, when someone is out on the road any tips, or connections, or anyway you can help you do.  It's a kinship of sorts.  I am a reality tv nut, like most Americans and I was so excited to meet Dan because he was on The Amazing Race.  (You will remember him from his infamous marching session in Russia I believe it was.)   Eric's mom and I love that show, she thinks E and I should do it.  But doesn't everyone want to do it?  Don't you watch it every week envisioning you and your race partner trying to decide which roadblock you would dominate and which you would pass off on your teammate?  Maybe that's just me, but I doubt it.  So anyways,  I was working to get all the inside tips from him, without being too incredibly annoying about it.  But as the night went on I think manners went out the window and I was just asking question after question.   But I believe a good time was had by all. 

Off to a beach party.  I will be sure to take some pictures.  I haven't the slightest what to wear.  That has been the trickiest thing here in Dubai.  It's supposed to be conservative but then there are so many exceptions.  I think the primary goal is to be  polite and of course respect the culture, but how do you dress that up and still have some panache?  All in good time I will figure it out, Inshalla...  

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