Monday, May 23, 2011

Lovin' the Romance

Last night was the first night we had all three roommates together.  This is how the conversation went down:

J: So how many days have the two of you actually spent together in a row
E: Ummm, I think we counted and it was about 16.
J: So what are you guys going for now?
E: I think we should have a goal.
Me (in my head): eternity...
E: (writing on the white board) How about 19 days!  Short term goals are good.

This is a perfect example of A Hollywood Ending, me romanticizing every situation and envisioning Eric to do these grandiose statements of love and affection and then reality sets in, which usually is not romantic at all but funny!  Last year around my birthday I could not get a hold of my two best friends or Eric, so while I was driving home I started to get excited that they were all going to be on my doorstep to celebrate my birthday with me for the weekend.  All that was there was my trusty doggy Jack.  It is not that I have these ridiculous expectations just visions romantic hollywood endings.  As my old roommate always told Jack, "Your mama, she loves the romance."

Happy Monday!

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