Monday, May 9, 2011

It is time

Looking at Looking Glass Trail
In just a little over 48 hours I will board a plane headed for my new life.  I have said goodbye to family, friends, dogs...It is time.  The butterflies are ever present as I am anxious, I am excited, I am scared.  One of my friends Andi, who has already made this transition put it best:

"It didn't really hit me until the day I left, and even then it didn't hit me hard till I was alone, in the airport, at the gate.  But then just as my sadness was starting to creep up, my excitedness gave it a good hug and merged with it, then overtook it.  I was just excited for my new life and to see my love."

I cannot believe Eric and I have done this long distance for two plus years.  It has been hard but in the end it is going to be worth it.

We made it, 3 mile hike up, climbing 1600 feet!
My very beautiful and wise best friend Becky just left after a weekend of memories, advice for the future, and really just relishing in what an amazing friendship we have.  You always know that you have great friends but this weekend I was so reminded of why we are best friends.  No one knows me like her.  And we both like sour kraut!  A match made in heaven.  She gave me a going away gift, something that has been passed between us on birthdays,
We even squeezed in a 5K
weddings, or any occasion that we deem special.  He was
our house mascot in college, his name is Bandit.  He is a Build-A-Rabbit, that has not one but two hearts inside of him put there by each of us.  He came to us in whitty-tiddys and cowboy boots but like us he has classed it up a bit since college and now even has a "pawsport," so he can travel to the UAE too.

Bandit and Becky the day of her gorgeous wedding

It is time.  I will arrive on Thursday May 12th to my new life, my new adventure, and my love.  But I will cherish always all that is back home.

Love you!

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